I have a little plan for 2012 that includes making this total disaster area of studio

into something a little more like this…

Source: scrapbook.com via Allison on Pinterest

Won’t you join me?

The 2012 Studi-O-rganization CHALLENGE is on like donkey-kong to the break of dawn my friends!

Grab a button and hop on the studi-o-rganzation band wagon.

<a href=http://withinaquarterinch.wordpress.com/studi-o-rganization><img src=”https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-pRk0AHoX56A/Tv4kFt9wmnI/AAAAAAAAAQI/buZLyJDL2T8/s240/studio1.JPG” width=”200″ height=”175″ alt=”studi-o-rganization” /></a>

Details to follow – but aren’t you totally digging the New Year tradition of organizing? I know I am!

There will be

  • specific homework tasks (like inventory, another new year tradition, let’s not forget that I am an accountant after all!)
  • fun projects (windows need curtains, right) with tutorials
  • a ton of ideas for keeping all of your delightful delights where YOU need them!
  • challenges
  • Mr. Linky will make an appearance
  • Giveaways
  • And guest bloggers!

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