Episode 83 Quilting for a Living with Jacquie Gering


What a lady. A straight talking shooter with a heart of gold.

I first discovered her awesomeness in the Free QuiltCon Lectures series on Craftsy. If you haven’t watched this series before, what a treat!

I have been asking everyone who stands still long enough […]

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Episode 82 Quilt Show a Comin’

I recorded this episode a month ago! gah! I used my phone which worked really well expect for the fact that it saved it in a format only a MAC can read… So I had to find a MAC to get it on (and how […]

My Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt

Tula Pink City Sampler by Allison Rosen from Within A Quarter Inch

I finally caught a minute to snap a few photos of the quilt I made using […]

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Craftsy — Whoops, I did it again..

But – I didn’t make a mistake! (reference to an old song, as so many of my blog titles are!)

Craftsy is having another huge sale – and I found a few four classes¬† that I have been interested in taking, but I was waiting for […]

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Episode 81 Finishing

Hola! I am finishing up a bunch of quilts over here and I couldn’t be happier about it.

A question I posed in the show to you was whether or not your red fabric changes colors when you iron it? Does it get darker? It always […]

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