Bonus Episode No. 89 Chatting with a beginner quilter!

A listener of Within A Quarter Inch emailed me and asked ‘Hey, can I be a guest on your show? I want to ask you some questions because I am a beginner and I think it would be fun!’

Sounded great to me!


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The brown truck just dropped this off

Scandinavian Needlecraft

I have always loved this style of craftsmanship!  And this book, by Clare Youngs and published by CICO books in 2010,  does not disappoint. From the projects to the instructions and from the […]

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Learning Japanese is harder than it would seem…

I have been trying to figure out the best way to learn how to READ Japanese so that I can more fully enjoy all of my ‘oh so delicious’ Japanese language craft books.

So far – everything, from websites to blogs to dictionaries to books to […]

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Books, Magazines, Delicious, Bloglines, Google Reader…

Between the magazines, the books, the internet and the brain at large – it seems that I am so filled with ‘ideas to try’ that none of them ever get done…

Stay tuned for the community of been there DONE that!


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Shownotes for Episode 36 Eat Crow and let’s have cake.

So, this episode has me eating a little crow because I previously dissed the Quilter’s Home magazine and now – after trying it again – it does have its’ merits!

I also reviewed this book by Claire Garland.


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