Quilting for a living

quiltng for a living - a series by Allison RosenQuilting for a living.

Sounds pretty good – but what does it actually mean?  I am on an epic adventure to find out. OK, it may not be epic, […]

1, October 2, 2014|Quilting, Quilting for a Living|3 Comments

Episode 88 Quilting for a Living with Cristy Fincher

I am so pleased to present another great episode in the Quilting for a Living Series! Cristy Fincher is the owner of Purple Daisies and the daughter of quilt […]

1, September 18, 2014|Podcast, Quilting for a Living|2 Comments

Episode 87 Quilting for a living with Abby Glassenberg

I have been enjoying Abby Glassenberg’s While She Naps podcast and blog quite a bit lately, I love her podcast format where she and her guests discuss a predetermined list of items that make their lives/businesses/brands/homes happier and streamlined.  Her  blog, While She Naps, includes a boat load of great information about using social media, keeping up the forward momentum and an honesty that you just don’t read everyday. She isn’t out to kiss or kick butts, she is just telling you like she sees it and that’s my kind of gal. […]

1, September 9, 2014|Podcast, Quilting for a Living, Shownotes|6 Comments

Episode 85 Quilting for a living with Sara Lawson

In a recent podcast, I declared my intention to find out more about what it means to quilt for living through a series of chats (the tone is more conversational than ‘interview-y’) on the show. […]

1, July 17, 2014|Podcast, Quilting for a Living|1 Comment

Episode 84 Destashing, Quilting, and Controlling

This episode finds me destashing fabrics, searching for (even more) answers about quilting for a living, a new venture I have going (the Crafty Controller — an affordable accounting service for indie crafters!), an update on my sweeties, and snuffleupagus.

Who could ask for anything more?



1, July 8, 2014|Podcast, Quilting for a Living|16 Comments