Episode 69 Quilt Market!

Hello! I went to Quilt Market in Houston for the first time ever in my whole life! So exciting, exhausting, and revealing of my character…

More shownotes to come!


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#QuiltCon Pictures!

Stash Books went to QuiltCon - Don't miss the podcast about Allison's adventures there!

I have uploaded all of the photos […]

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Episode 67 QuiltCon ReDux

This episode is all about my experience at QuiltCon~I had a blast! I go on at length in the show, so I won’t say much about it here. I’m not going to link to the story of the F**K quilt, nor the folks […]

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Trying to podcast is sometimes like…

calling a really good friend and getting a busy signal! Frustrating; but you really really want to talk so you keep trying.

My frustration is trying to coordinate ‘time’ with ‘umph’ – you know what I mean?  Because I know that it will be long phone […]

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Landscape Quilts and a crazy lady

Before we get onto the crazy lady portion of the post – I thought I should start with some pretty pictures because without pictures;  the blog police come out. (just kidding – aka quilt police).


This quilt was so delicious in person.  Literally stopped me in […]

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