Episode 82 Quilt Show a Comin’

I recorded this episode a month ago! gah! I used my phone which worked really well expect for the fact that it saved it in a format only a MAC can read… So I had to find a MAC to get it on (and how […]

Aqua Do-Doo

You know those blue pens that are handy for marking your fabric?

Kind of like this one.

And they leave a blue mark? Because they are supposed to. Which is great because I marked it for a […]

1, February 3, 2012|Tip off the old podcast, Tools|8 Comments

How to make cute shelves …

So I had a little ‘dry wall stuff?’ leftover from the reno last year and some cute fabric and a couple of shelf brackets and of course, the requisite need for some new shelves…

Step 1:

wrap fabric tightly around yucky bit of ‘dry wall suff’ and […]

Free motion quilting with Freezer Paper!

On episode 49 I talked about 1 of my newest uses for Freezer Paper. I absolutely love this! It makes me look like I can actually free motion quilt:)

Here is the quilt sandwich, prepared for quilting and tucking into the machine. Please […]

1, November 6, 2009|Notions, Pieces I've done, Quilting, Shownotes, Tip off the old podcast|3 Comments

The ‘Why I need this’ Tip!

As I said on the latest  show Episode 49 РI wish I had started doing this with all of the doodads and gadgets that I HAD to have and then forgot to use and then forgot HOW to use them.

Just […]

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