Episode 76 Making a Quilt Sandwich

Episode 76, Making a Quilt Sandwich starts off with a life update from Allison – a surprising and unfortunately kinda crappy one… but life goes on.

I have had opportunity lately to make a few quilt sandwiches… but I was curious about how others do it! […]

Episode 75 Picking Fabrics

Join Kristyne and I as we talk about choosing fabrics for the quilt on the cover of the book with a pink quilt on the cover. That sentence does make sense, I […]

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Episode 74 Craftsy Class Reviews!

Episode 70 The One With Kristyne!

I have a pretty major announcement to make guys… I have a co-host! As I say in the beginning of this episode, I have secretly wanted a co-host for a long time. What’s better than gabbing with a girlfriend about quilting? The co-host is none […]

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Episode 68 A Side Order of Tears

This show is a little different guys… I recorded it on Wednesday, October 11th – over a week ago. I couldn’t post it until I listened to it because I kind of totally had a break down while recording.

A lot of listeners have been with […]

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