Episode 81 Finishing

Hola! I am finishing up a bunch of quilts over here and I couldn’t be happier about it.

A question I posed in the show to you was whether or not your red fabric changes colors when you iron it? Does it get darker? It always […]

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Episode 80 Flying Solo

Wow – it has been a long time since I’ve recorded a podcast without a co-host of some sort! I feel like I fell right back into the saddle but you guys will be the judge!

I know I veered in and out of topics — […]

Episode 78 an Interview with Brye Lynn

Wow – it’s great to be back at the microphone again! I did not intend for such a long space between episodes – but fear not, Within A Quarter Inch isn’t going any where!

However – Kristyne is not going to be my co-host anymore. She […]

1, February 20, 2014|Podcast|8 Comments

Episode 77 Needles and Threads: Friends Forever!

This episode is dedicated to thread. But you really can’t talk about thread without talking about needles.

That would be like talking about peanut butter and leaving out the jelly. I mean, PB&J, right?

Of course the conversation dabbles about and lands on various other topics, none […]

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Episode 76 Making a Quilt Sandwich

Episode 76, Making a Quilt Sandwich starts off with a life update from Allison – a surprising and unfortunately kinda crappy one… but life goes on.

I have had opportunity lately to make a few quilt sandwiches… but I was curious about how others do it! […]