Episode 86 How to Destash on Instagram

I recently did a major fabric destash on instagram.

I shipped 178 packages from my home within 30 days.

And I net over $3,700 dollars.

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Episode 85 Quilting for a living with Sara Lawson

In a recent podcast, I declared my intention to find out more about what it means to quilt for living through a series of chats (the tone is more conversational than ‘interview-y’) on the show. […]

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Episode 84 Destashing, Quilting, and Controlling

This episode finds me destashing fabrics, searching for (even more) answers about quilting for a living, a new venture I have going (the Crafty Controller — an affordable accounting service for indie crafters!), an update on my sweeties, and snuffleupagus.

Who could ask for anything more?



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Episode 83 Quilting for a Living with Jacquie Gering


What a lady. A straight talking shooter with a heart of gold.

I first discovered her awesomeness in the Free QuiltCon Lectures series on Craftsy. If you haven’t watched this series before, what a treat!

I have been asking everyone who stands still long enough […]

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Episode 82 Quilt Show a Comin’

I recorded this episode a month ago! gah! I used my phone which worked really well expect for the fact that it saved it in a format only a MAC can read… So I had to find a MAC to get it on (and how […]