Episode 73 The Way You Store Your Fabric… Is the Way You Sew Your Fabric

In this Episode of Within A Quarter Inch, Kristyne and I discuss the different ways we have stored/organized/coveted our fabric over the years and how those different methods have translated into the way we select fabric for our projects.

We are so deep.

Also, some […]

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Episode 72 The Pursuit of Perfection

While Kristyne and I had planned on talking about ‘stash effects’ – we were caught up in other conversations about perfection.

A listener (hi Kaye!) sent an email to Kristyne that stemmed from Episode 71, where we chatted about the Japanese quilters and esthetics […]

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The twins are turning 7!

The twins are turning SEVEN at the end of the month and their birthday party is this Saturday.

Weekly Hat PhotoWhy oh why do I always have everything planned on time except invitations??


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Episode 70 The One With Kristyne!

I have a pretty major announcement to make guys… I have a co-host! As I say in the beginning of this episode, I have secretly wanted a co-host for a long time. What’s better than gabbing with a girlfriend about quilting? The co-host is none […]

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Episode 68 A Side Order of Tears

This show is a little different guys… I recorded it on Wednesday, October 11th – over a week ago. I couldn’t post it until I listened to it because I kind of totally had a break down while recording.

A lot of listeners have been with […]

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