Episode 86 How to Destash on Instagram

I recently did a major fabric destash on instagram.

I shipped 178 packages from my home within 30 days.

And I net over $3,700 dollars.

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Episode 82 Quilt Show a Comin’

I recorded this episode a month ago! gah! I used my phone which worked really well expect for the fact that it saved it in a format only a MAC can read… So I had to find a MAC to get it on (and how […]

Episode 81 Finishing

Hola! I am finishing up a bunch of quilts over here and I couldn’t be happier about it.

A question I posed in the show to you was whether or not your red fabric changes colors when you iron it? Does it get darker? It always […]

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Episode 80 Flying Solo

Wow – it has been a long time since I’ve recorded a podcast without a co-host of some sort! I feel like I fell right back into the saddle but you guys will be the judge!

I know I veered in and out of topics — […]

He comes by it honestly…

Max's bucket of funMax loves his stuff. In buckets. In ever-changing categories that make sense to him.

A collection of washi and japanese tapes

Can’t say I don’t relate…


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