My name is Allison Rosen and I have been blogging in some form since 2006 when the twins were about a year old.

It was right after I was told I had cancer (which I didn’t – I have another disease that presents as lymphoma, called sarcoidosis).

I decided that I would just do it. Find the time. Create a podcast: a voice of my own where I could talk about the things I love with people who ‘get it’.

I love quilting, sewing, fabric, notions, gadgets, rulers, sewing machines, seam rippers, organizing all of that stuff, books on quilting, sewing, magazine too, I love applique over patchwork, and paper piecing is my way to fly, but there is a certain joy in a perfect match made without those aids.

I love my twins – 7 in November (what the?). They bring fresh eyes to the world. They love everything I make them. My little girl is extremely creative, she astounds me. My little boy is so funny and cute and gives great kisses.

My husband (married 11 years+!) is a university professor. We moved around a lot during PhD getting, Post Doc teaching, and now we are finally settled in Wilmington, NC. I love living by the ocean!

I work at C&T Publishing (pinch me) in the marketing department. I am in charge of everything we do online: from blogging to emails, blog tours to pinterest boards. Tweets? me. Facebook? me. Instagram? yup, me too. And a whole lot more. It is a fantastic company to work for and I have the added bonus of meeting the authors behind the books I have loved for so long and the new authors who continue to inspire me!

But this space – this space is mine. I am not representing anything except my own projects, tastes, family, life with a special needs kid, house and home.

Join me, k?