I am so pleased to present another great episode in the Quilting for a Living Series! Cristy Fincher is the owner of Purple Daisies and the daughter of quilt legend Sharon Schamber.

Episode 88 Quilting for a Living with Cristy Fincher

Cristy has ‘never known not sewing’ and has amazing tips and techniques that she generously shared with us –  oiling thread?!


We talked candidly about the amount of work that goes into Quilting for a Living and how it becomes a juggling act even on the best days.

Sharon creates and Cristy teaches amazing techniques that have revolutionized the way quilters quilt. From Piecelique to Paperless Paper Piecing, and a favorite, glue basting – they have created a successful business that allows each of them to excel at their own strengths.

She has an amazing YouTube Channel filled with information that can entertain you for hours (don’t say I didn’t warn you!).

I am so excited that Cristy has started her very own podcast! Purple Daisies currently has 2 episodes available and planned topics for many more.

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