I have been enjoying Abby Glassenberg’s While She Naps podcast and blog quite a bit lately, I love her podcast format where she and her guests discuss a predetermined list of items that make their lives/businesses/brands/homes happier and streamlined.  Her  blog, While She Naps, includes a boat load of great information about using social media, keeping up the forward momentum and an honesty that you just don’t read everyday. She isn’t out to kiss or kick butts, she is just telling you like she sees it and that’s my kind of gal.

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I promised to add some of the items Abby mentioned during show to the shownotes and the first is a podcast named Bullseye which was the impetus for her summer series called The Pattern That Changed Your Life. She even asked me to participate!

She shares her quarterly revenue and expenses with her blog readers: not a common occurrence to say the least. What I love most about it is not just the transparency and frankness about her business, but the analysis of that information that helps guide her decision making.

product collageAbby talks candidly about what type of compensation she will and will not accept in return for sponsored posts and has recently stopped accepting free copies of publications for review as a way to stay away from the predictable blog posts that come along with them.

She has a newsletter that is seriously one of the only newsletters I find helpful and interesting and actually look forward to every Wednesday. Abby also posts on her blog three times a week and while some of that content goes into her newsletter, she also has links to interesting information that you may not have come across yourself.

How does she manage so much content!? She uses an APP called pocket. I love pocket. I have been using it for years and years on my computer, I finally downloaded it to my ipad after this interview. You will find it very useful and very free as well – trust me.

Our conversation steered into production of patterns and true to her ways – she has a ‘scrappy approach’ that limits the barriers to entry because she kind of cobbles together the items she needs to produce her patterns without a large investment in Adobe, for example.

She recommended Swiftly – a website where you can hire graphic designers for a low flat fee. When I went to grab a link for you – guess what I should find? A photo of Abby herself giving a testimonial on their site! {the link for Swiftly is Abby’s affiliate link, if you decide to use Swiftly’s services – she gets a free task and so do you! win-win!}

abby on swiftly

I also asked her umpteen questions about the nitty gritty of creating pdf patterns and her response is worth the time to listen to this episode – that’s all I’m sayin’ folks.

Although Abby has chosen not to create printed versions of her patterns, for reasons she describes in the show, she does talk about various resources and has written a great blog post on the topic as well.

I hope you will listen and leave a nice comment for Abby!

Until next time… Don’t forget to stay, Within A Quarter Inch!