I recently did a major fabric destash on instagram.

I shipped 178 packages from my home within 30 days.

And I net over $3,700 dollars.

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This episode details how I did it.

Choosing Fabric to #Destash using Instagram

From determining your goals, finding the fabric to sell, setting prices, taking photos, finding followers, proper #hashtag usage, feed bombing, invoicing and shipping – this episode tells you everything you need to know!

Choosing Fabrics to #Destash on Instagram

Below is an example of taking more than 1 picture and then a creating collage of them so you can have more than 1 photo to describe what you have to sell. I used my better camera when there would be more than one and uploaded them to my dropbox account.


If I were to have only 1 photo of the Sherbet Pip fabric that I sold, the one above would have been it. But you can’t really see what it is. And it needed editing. Snapseed is an amazing, free, and easy to use photo editing App for your mobile device that allows you to copy/paste photos from your dropbox account directly into this App.


A few extra photos of the more illustrative fabrics are above and below.


Then I made a collage using Instacollage so all three photos could do the talking and I was able to add text to the instagram photo as well. Instacollage is also really useful for making text only instagram posts.


This approach was very useful both for more ‘in demand’ fabric like the example above and the ‘I want it out of my house’ fabric like the example below.


In this Episode I talked about choosing fabrics/setting prices/remembering your goal. The photo above is a great example of that. These fabrics are not from a ‘collection’ nor did they have a whole lot in common but I didn’t want to list them separately because honestly, I don’t think they would have sold. Remembering my goal of removing all of the fabric I won’t use from this house I made a ‘lot’ (as in wholesale ‘lot’) using the size of a medium flat rate box as the determining factor. I fit whatever I could into the box first – therefore knowing the amount of fabric to include – then took it out, took photos, and put the same fabric back in the flat rate box.

Because I set the price in line with my goal – this lot sold within 5 minutes.

Depending on the collage pre-set that you choose – you can select anywhere from 1 to 16 photos to tell your fabrics story.


I spoke about following the trends you see developing as you start selling and paying attention to what is selling from other feeds. I never intended to make more work for myself by cutting 127 different novelty fabrics into 5 inch squares – but that is where my customers led me. I sold each bundle of 50 for $10.00 and of the 40 odd bundles I had to sell, only 3 remain.


Using the PayPal invoicing system is really the most efficient way to destash on Instagram. It does mean that PayPal is taking a bit off the top of each sale – but trust me, it’s worth it.  I had 1 or 2 folks that paid me by sending me a gift (where PayPal takes no fees) and the added work of getting their mailing address and then typing it all into PayPal multi order shipping would have been a nightmare for all of those packages!

I listen to a lot of podcasts and several of them are now running ads about Stamps.com.  I dislike them with the intensity of a thousand suns. Their service is far from free and they charge you for it monthly regardless of how many packages you send. I had a really bad experience with them about 4 years ago, their customer service was awful. It may very well be awesome now – but there is NO NEED to pay anything for a convenient online shipping service.

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You can use the service through PayPal for FREE or you can use USPS.com for FREE as well. You can also request carrier pick-up right from your house so you don’t have to go to the post office – AND you can order the Flat Rate boxes and have them delivered to you at no charge.

A note about international shipping. PayPal’s multi-order shipping service does not work for international packages. In those cases – I did use USPS.com or I followed the link to another Paypal shipping service that Abby from While She Naps describes on her blog.

I shipped all of the packages using the least expensive shipping option, which meant that I needed to figure out the price if it wasn’t flat rate which required the weight of the package and a table to look up the costs.


I used a digital kitchen scale and a table of media mail and first class shipping rates that I found online. I printed out the sections that I needed and kept it close at hand.

Don’t forget to add 25 cents to both of these shipping methods because PayPal requires you to add tracking (not a bad thing – just remember to add it to the shipping cost).

Listen to the Podcast Episode 86 by subscribing through iTunes or listen from the player at the top of this post for a lot more information about #destashing through Instagram!

Other Apps mentioned on the show: Gramblr and Pixsta.

Things I love!

This Episode also starts my ‘things I love’ portion of the show. I chose just one item to start us off.

Post-It has revamped their label tape and I love the new design of the dispenser along with the characteristics of post-it! Permanent until you take it off, leaving no residue… Since the podcast – I have found more quilty uses for it. For example, labeling your cut fabrics is so easy now!

label tape

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