Wow – it has been a long time since I’ve recorded a podcast without a co-host of some sort! I feel like I fell right back into the saddle but you guys will be the judge!

I know I veered in and out of topics — but that is me, isn’t it…

This is the video from Kimberly Jolly about binding a quilt that I thought was pretty interesting.. especially the way she trims it down to start.

I also chatted about making a quilt block from fabric colors I wouldn’t usually put together and being pleasantly surprised!

Quilt Block for Bee from Within A Quarter Inch

And, as much as I don’t want to share this quilt before the pattern is completed… here it is.

I have worked on this quilt -from designing, re-designing, choosing fabrics (re-choosing fabrics), preparing the applique, hand embroidering each element, and putting it all together- for about a year!

So – do you want to go camping with me?

'Glamping' Applique quilt designed and made by Allison Rosen of Within A Quarter Inch

And yes. Yes it is the handle of a swiffer mop…