This episode is dedicated to thread. But you really can’t talk about thread without talking about needles.

That would be like talking about peanut butter and leaving out the jelly. I mean, PB&J, right?

Of course the conversation dabbles about and lands on various other topics, none of which I can remember right now!

I’m fighting off a cold and J is leaving town for a week on Thursday – oh man I hope I’m not sick (like sick sick) the whole time because that would be absolutely no fun. Because the twins and I actually have a lot of fun when J is out of town these days – it’s just a different vibe, nothing against him!

So because I am fighting off a cold and feeling all achy and stuff – you will just have to forgive the lack of show notes, k?


Oh – and Kristyne and I will tackle the questions you have been leaving on the giveaway post once it closes on the 4th!