I have seen those little ‘magic bobbin genies’ around for years.



Do those little slippery Teflon disks really eliminate backlash & bird’s nests on the underside of quilts?

Would they help with the Aurifil invisible thread also? I love the invisible Auriful thread, it has never snapped on me, it is practically invisible (trust me, I have a hard time clipping it off!), but – sometimes, it does pull up on me, or eyelash and stuff like that. But like I said, practically invisible, so I could live with it.

Little Magic Bobbin Genies reviewed on Within A Quarter Inch
My curiosity finally got the better of me and I ordered the Genies from Purple Daisies (run by the adorable Cristy Fincher, but you may be more familiar with her mother, Sharon Schamber).

Turns out – they invented the darn things! When I emailed Cristy, to let her know how pleased I was, she shared this story with me and gave me permission to share with you!

I’m so excited that you liked the Genies, and really noticed the difference. My mom invented them. It actually came from her days in manufacturing bridal gowns. The first genies were discs of parchment paper, soaked in sewing machine oil. When I was little, I would cut out the discs with the big industrial button hole cutter, and soak them. Little did I know, that one day they’d be what they are now. My mom is a genius!

I first met Cristy at QuiltCon. Purple Daisies had a vendor booth there. I recognized her logo from the ads on some of my favorite blogs, so I stopped to talk with her and let her know that the ad dollars were paying off because I was already familiar with her brand.

Purple Daisies

She is a delight, so we talked some more. Then I see all of the applique going on in the booth… So I start babbling on about the way I like to applique, and in mid-sentence, I realized just who she was. Sharon Schamber’s daughter! We had a really good laugh when I had that moment of clarity.

During QuiltCon, I purchased The Quilt Halo (2 of them, in fact — they are better stacked!) and have used them often. I like the way they sit on the fabric and I can move everything around with a light grip on the halo instead of my usual death grip that made my hands cramp!

The Halo for  Free-Motion Quilting reviewed on Within A Quarter Inch

Of course, The Supreme Slider is also on my machine while I am free-motion stitching so that definitely helps everything move along smoothly.

Supreme Free-Motion Quilting Slider reviewed on Within A Quarter Inch

I can honestly say that after trying a whole bunch of notions and gadgets to improve my free-motion stitching results, I have finally found what works for me.

I say ‘free-motion stitching’ because when I applique, I use free-motion to top-stitch the edges of the piece to the background instead of my previous way of blanket stitching. Sometimes, that’s just too much thread.

The pictures of the green leaves quilting is a practice sandwich so that I could test the little round suckers out before moving on to the quilt I need to finish.. I sewed fast, slow, in-between, took the corners quickly, did everything I could to skip a stitch – but nope – the Genie is out of his bottle and I ain’t letting him back in!

In case you’re wondering, the Size L on the package refers to a domestic sewing machine bobbin size, offered for drop-in and also bobbin cases (ie hole or no hole in the middle), and Size M is for longarm sewing machines.

Little Magic Bobbin Genies reviewed on Within A Quarter Inch

I think it’s worth mentioning that I paid for all of these quilt aids because I wanted to try them. They were not given to me so that I could write this post! All of the links to Amazon are through my affiliate account there – so if you’re interested in trying these items for yourself, please click through and help support the podcast and blog – thanks:)

Then I thought – hey, why not see if Aurifil and Purple Daisies were interested in offering some for you to try!

So here is the giveaway information:

To win a cone (yes, a CONE) of clear AND smoke invisible Aurifil thread AND a package of the Magic Genies in either size L or M you need to leave a comment on this post asking me or Kristyne (or both of us!) a question that we will answer on an upcoming podcast.

Aurifil Invisible and Smoke Thread reviewed by Allison Rosen on Wtihin A Quarter Inch

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