While Kristyne and I had planned on talking about ‘stash effects’ – we were caught up in other conversations about perfection.

A listener (hi Kaye!) sent an email to Kristyne that stemmed from Episode 71, where we chatted about the Japanese quilters and esthetics that has heavily influenced both of us – the seeming ‘perfect’ of it. Thanks Kaye, who really sparked up a great topic for us!

Otherwise, I’ll be honest guys, we recorded it last Thursday (today is the following Wednesday) and between then and now, the twins had a birthday party, attending another birthday party, had their annual check-up, a field trip, their actual birthday, and tonight starts Channukah. I’m lucky I can remember that much!

Per usual, anything visual can be found on the Pinterest board ‘Favorite Pins from Allison and Kristyne‘.

I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving Weekend!!