Kristyne and I talked about our love of mini quilts on our latest episode, and in episode 70 where we introduced her to you guys, I specifically mentioned the ‘wall of mini quilts’ from my Pinterest account that had the most re-pins.

Here is the pin that has served as my inspiration! The photo below is linked to the original blog post on Why Not Sew?

The inspiration - wall of mini quilts

As we chatted about my desire to create such a wall in my own home — it occurred to me (duh!) that I don’t need to have ALL of the quilts ready to hang at the same time.

I could start with just a few.. so I went to the sewing room and made up a mini quilt based on this applique I designed and completed like a year ago.

Binding The baton twirler mini applique quilt by Allison RosenOK – maybe I had to call Kristyne to ask how to bind a quilt. maybe.

The baton twirler mini applique quilt by Allison RosenThis little girl has been basted to the background fabric and in need of final applique for a long while… Welcome home little girl!

What do a dear, a duck, and a butterfly have in common? They are on this mini quilt!Then I looked around and saw a few little guys (a deer, a duck, and a butterfly) that I had used to practice different methods of actually appliqueing the designs I had made to the background – looked like a mini quilt to me!

In process: A mini quilt wall of my own!

Considering the little girl is about 8*5 and the deer with friends is 5*3ish – and this wall is more like 30 feet long and 12 feet high.. it may take a while!

But – you gotta start somewhere!

What about you? Is there a wall of mini quilts in your future?