Quilting on Me and My Shadow, Original Quilt Design by Allison Rosen for Within A Quarter Inch

A little sneak peek at a pattern I have been working on for a long time! Like since I stopped pod-casting kind of long time. The quilt is titled ‘Me and My Shadow’ – hence the name of this post.

The quilting might be my favorite part – I free-motion quilted mini garment pattern pieces and while they mostly blend in on the front of the quilt (to be revealed soon!) there is no hiding it on the back!

Now I just have lots and lots of threads to snip.

And binding… of course!

And when I say ‘pattern’ I mean I made it up as I went along and now I am trying to remember what I did so I can properly document it in pattern form.

I’m not holding my breath on that one.. but I did want to share the quilting!

I love when the quilting itself is graphic, rather than a swirl or a circle or a squiggly line.

What is your opinion?