This episode is all about my experience at QuiltCon~I had a blast! I go on at length in the show, so I won’t say much about it here. I’m not going to link to the story of the F**K quilt, nor the folks who spoke up about the judging. It was in February, I think we’re over it:) If you really want to know – have a look at the comments in this post – the links are in there.

However, I did promise to link to the books that the judges had authored, and here they are:

Joelle Hoverson wrote the book Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts and Rashida Coleman Hale wrote I Heart Patchwork and was the lead on the design collective, Zakka Style. Both of these ladies are extremely talented quilters and makers, entrepreneurs, super-friendly, and market leaders in their field. The question I posed was whether or not that was enough to be the judges for the first QuiltCon, a show dedicated to Modern Quilting. It never once crossed my mind that it wouldn’t be, but quite a few folks were disappointed with the feedback they received. You be the judge, get it, huh? Judge?

donna dewberry cutter reviewed on Within A Quarter Inch Podcast

This is the Fiskars 12-Inch Donna Dewberry Collection Fabric Strip Cutter that I talked about at the beginning of the show. I love it. I had expected there to be a lot of shifting around but it is really steady. Admittedly, I haven’t tried cutting through layers of fabric, but I have other tools that do that….

Pouch for QuiltCon designed and made by Allison Rosen from Within A Quarter Inch

I made this pouch to take with me to QuiltCon! I love it! Totally perfect thing to have around my neck and it had 3 pockets: 1 small on the front and then the main pouch was divided on the inside, hence the additional pockets. The ‘S’ was appliqued on (S for Stash Books or for Sandy – depends on your point of view!). The elastic I mentioned on the show was not from baby boutique, it is from a line called ‘babyville‘. Now that I am seeing the picture again, I remember that I actually made a quilted strap and used the elastic as the join to the pouch. And do you see those little pink bookplates!?

QuiltCon Lecture Series free on Craftsy The Lecture Series recorded by Craftsy and offered for free is really worth a listen. I especially loved David Butler, Amy Butler, and Angela Walters.

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And guess what? When you have something muted, it doesn’t play… like the intro music I was so happy to find! ha!