Well, whadda you know! Episode 66 is now available!

It was a long time coming–it will also take a long time to listen to! Measuring in at about an hour and half!

Within A Quarter Inch Quiting Podcast





In this episode I answered the questions you kindly asked of me earlier.

This is the ruler system I spoke about:


And this is the Rowenta Precision Pro that I purchased from Fran’s Sewing Circle – my local quilt shop!

Rowenta DG8430 Pro Precision Steam Station with 400 hole Stainless Steel soleplate 1800 Watt, Purple

Note: link above is my Amazon affiliate link: if you think you might like to purchase this iron – go on and use the link above, k?

Rowenta Precision Pro reviewed on Within A Quarter Inch Podcast

Hhmmm. Did I forget anything?

Aside from studio pictures, I will take those soon!

Look for the QUESTION post coming soon that will help me record the next episode.

Have I mentioned that you guys are the best yet?