In challenge related news… I can’t find my darn camera! If you see it please let me know.  It looks like a camera.

I have been inviting guest bloggers to hop on board and share some of their best organizing tips for FABRIC! Yes, we are starting with the fabric because it is usually the most plentiful thing in the room and so, it takes up a lot of space both physically and mentally.

So while I keep looking for the camera, I am so pleased and excited and proud to present to you Monique from ‘Sew Fun by Monique‘! I first came across this awesome gal through my newest heartthrob, pinterest, when I saw her absolutely drop dead gorgeous storage unit called ‘the selvedge dresser‘.

She also has an Etsy shop under the same name, where she sells ready-made and custom order quilts, blankets, bags, baby items, and entire CRIB SETS! She is extremely talented and I am so happy to let her take over this post!


Hi, my name is Monique Reynolds and I’ve had my Etsy shop for about 3 years and have been sewing for about 20. I love doing custom work, but that means I need to have lots of fabric choices to pull from. About a year ago we decided to add a sewing room to our house because I ended up moving out of my 10×10 room and into the dining room. My finished room is 13×19 and I use every inch of it!

As we were planning the construction I dove into every Studios and Where Women Create magazine to get ideas as well as the web. Both offer lots of creative and beautiful solutions.

The local Borders bookstore was closing and a friend told me about their bookshelves that they were selling for $25. They were perfect!! They have a depth of 7.5″ and worked well for my organization. I purchased 4 of them and they cover an entire wall of my sewing room on the wall where the door is.

When people first come in, they like the colorful space I work in, but when they turn around and see the wall of fabric they say “Wow! That’s a lot of fabric!” So, I nicknamed it the Wall of Wow.


There are so many ways of organizing fabric, and I think it depends on how much you have. Since I have so many different fabrics I chose to organize by fabric designer, then fabric line, then color (in most instances) I also have a section for just a particular color.

I sew many quilt using 8″ squares, so I purchased by yard sale or new plastic drawers and then I write the designer name and color(s) on the outside of the drawer.

I have toyed with the idea of taping a fabric color to the outside of the bin. I only think it works if you have one color in the drawer. It looked too messy when there were 3 colors.

For my various pieces of rectangles & squares I use ziploc baggies and mark on the outside the sizing. All pink 6×6’s have their own bag, 4×6 pink another, etc. I store those pieces in my selvedge dresser. (Which is grossly overflowing and actually many baggies are stored under my sewing table. I hope to put them in a destash section of my shop someday). I try to cut all my scraps into certain sizes so that if I have a project in mind, I can easily use what I’ve prepared. I have baggies of 1.5, 2.5, 3.5″& selvage strips. (Again, overflowing!) It takes longer when you are working on a project to do this, but your scraps become usable and accessible and less waste is a result. You just need to decide what size you want to keep on hand, and just stick to those sizes. I keep a pile of all the cut pieces and ‘file’ them later. They also make great gifts for your friends that sew!

Finally, I also use clear, plastic bins to store things like novelty fabrics that I don’t use as often and also for smallish scraps by color.

Since I have a fair amount of space to work with, I can spread out the organization. If your space is small, you could just condense things. Hope some of my organization helps you get your fabric in order!


Please leave a little love for Monique in the comments here and definitely check out her blog as well.

Thanks again Monique!