I am going to split this crazy ass lengthy list of items that I would like to tackle in my own studio into different categories.

My studio is huge. My stash is huge. I never met a gadget I didn’t ‘need’ and I am a sucker for taking on just ‘1 more hobby’! So it is reasonable that my list of items is also huge.

Some of these may apply to you – some of them won’t. And some of them may confirm that I am a cuckoo clock bird looking for a home!

The point is – take what pertains to your situation and leave the rest.

HOWEVER – my own experience has shown that even though I may need to organize spaghetti and the lady is talking about pencils – they are both long and thin and so I may just pick up an idea or two from the spaghetti lady and apply it my pencils.

So keep an open mind and think of shapes, uses, and of course, the items themselves when searching out systems that may work for you.

I remember about 7 years when I was really into scrapbooking but the industry hadn’t caught on to the storage needs yet. We were all trying a zillion clever ways to store our 12″ by 12″ paper because there was NOTHING ready made that was meant for it! Let us remember our creative sides that led us to quilting and sewing and will guide us in our search for the organizational methods as well!

So about those categories:

{and please note that as I add posts to the blog regarding these categories or any others – the page called ‘studi-O-rganization’ will always have updated links to each post for easy access}


  • Fabric
  • Rulers
  • Pens/Marking Tools
  • Gadgets (think ‘the angler‘)
  • Cutters/Die-Cutters/Go!/Digital cutters (like the silhouette or the cricut)
  • Embroidery (machine)
  • Embroidery (by hand)
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Patterns (physical and digital)
  • Books
  • Notions
  • Templates
  • Sewing machine feet
  • Batting
  • Cutting for garments
  • WIP’s and UFO’s
  • Paper Crafting
  • Painting
  • Upcycling
  • Kid Zone in the Studio
  • Odd sized items like rolls of fusible webbing and such

Have I missed anything? Leave a comment and let me know!