I have heard again and again – know your audience. What are they hoping to get out of the class/lecture/podcast/blog/challenge or whatever!

Are you CURRENTLY a messy crafter? Be honest – this doesn’t mean you are spending more time searching for your stuff than using it (although it may) because you could have one of those minds that ‘just knows where it is’.

I thought I had one of those brains. I knew I had an ‘add an 1/8 ruler’ because I just used it (ok, in a different house and a different year and I don’t mean 2011) but still. I could picture it in my minds eye but every mind and eye was incorrect and after a half hour I gave up and used the add a 1/4 ruler instead. No biggie – the project still worked out – but I still WONDER where that 1/8 is!?!

Or are you already quite organized and looking for inspiration for different options of creating the organized super studio that you already love and are quite proud of? Thread is with thread. Hand needles seperated from machine needles… But you are a sucker for the eye-candy of the creative space and that is where you attribute some of your mojo?

Or are you really like me? An eclectic mix of the uber-organized and the throw in a corner or a bin or a bag?

My thread is organized by color but not by tone and yes, this really bothers me! Or {gasp} are your different thread weights are all mixed together?  My hand needles are with hand needles. My sewing machine needles are all together too. But the Microtex is mixed with Universal and can you believe there is a ‘wing’ needle in there, too? I know! Crazy stuff!

Half of my fabric is beautifully folded and findable. The other half? What other half – I can’t find it!

Some of my scraps are stuffed in a bag and some are so sorted my head hurts a little when I have to choose between ‘triangle’ and ‘half-square triangle’ when putting them away. I tend to get a little through the forest, and the trees, and right down the leaf.

My goal is to be organized enough to find the 1/8 inch ruler but no so over the top that I can’t even clean up! Not saying it is going to be easy – but I’m game if you are!

Take the poll and let me know, who is my audience??