For the first time since the kids were born J and I are leaving them with a sitter and going on a vacation together!

J’s Grandmother died  this year (at 90!) and his Grandpa is a ‘snow bird’ (winters in Florida) and he is lonely.  We love that man so much. At 92 he has such vim and vigor and such a dirty mouth that he is fun to hang out with! We decided that we would drive down to Florida to visit him for a few days. He has a condo on the beach so we are looking forward to it! (yes, I live at the beach and we go every weekend when the weather is nice but being on vacation at a beach is always better! and being on vacation at the beach without the kids is like being on a honeymoon!)

For the first time in a loooong time I don’t have to pack snacks in little single serve baggies, or a cooler filled with bottles or juice or milk. I don’t have to pack ‘car’ activities in little packages that I dole out from the front seat and I don’t have to keep picking up the stuff they drop on the floor! What I can do it work on my grandmother’s flower garden quilt! It is my car project and I really can’t wait to get back at it.

The plan is to have a king size quilt one day. But I think that will require a few more road trips!

But you want to know THE most exciting part of this trip???!!!

I am going to meet Brye for the first time in my life! We have been friends and business partners for years and tomorrow, we will finally ‘meet’. Wow!!! And I talked J into spending the evening ‘relaxing’ in the hotel spa so we can just gab and chatter about any old thing that comes to mind… Oh I can’t wait!

So get ready – because when I return (and maybe even before that, depending on grandpa’s internet connection? unlikely!) we will officially begin our Studi-O-rganization Challenge!