It seems that a lot of the blogs I follow/adore/need are doing a little look back/look ahead type of post this time of year.

I wondered – should I post something like that? What would I say? It’s been so long – would you even care? But then I thought (and no offense) that I really don’t care if you care – because I care and this is my blog. so there!

Looking back at 2011 is pretty easy, actually. Because one word (well, 2 is you want to get technical) sums it UP pretty well. Yes, you know where I am going with this one.

SeamedUP swallowed 2011.

Oh I was happy to feed it, of course.

What a wonderfully fun little project. And by little I mean all encompassing, huge, and over the top in terms of brain power required.

And by fun I mean awesome, life changing, and addictive.

Working with Brye has been a treasure and treat. She is fun, funny, seriously talented, and so smart she makes my brain hurt. She is also matter of fact, to the point, and on task.

Thank goodness because while I would like to think I possess some of those necessary traits, let’s fact it, I am much more of an ‘idea girl’ than a follow-through girl. SeamedUP is teaching me to be both though, and that is definitely life changing!

But enough about that.

2011 also included these little people who keep a me on my toes and my house a mess. (I figure I can use them as the excuse for a less than pristine home for at least another 20 or so years…)

Just a regular day

Max is so wonderfully child-like.

He still giggles at the most silly things like when I say ‘momma love Maxie yeah yeah yeah’ or when we play the ‘blech you’re kissing me’ game.

This year has seen him learn to jump with 2 feet, throw a ball ‘forwards’, ride a bike, and push HIMSELF on a swing (can we get a hallelujah?).

He talks to himself all the time. I love to listen to his conversations. He makes jokes to himself, and then laughs at them! It is also the only time he doesn’t stutter.  Oh how freeing that must be for him.

For him I wish that 2012 brings him the ability to write his name (which he desperately wants to do), more fluent speech because I know he has so much to say, and the ability to build real friendships. It’s hard being Max. and also so terrifically easy. No real worries for him. child-like, right?

Totally talking to himself!

And Sarah.


Sarah is a little girl through and through.

She wants everything and she wants it now. But then she doesn’t. She laughs until she decides it is time to cry (for real) and then she says things like ‘I’m not looking at you anymore!’ Gotta love her!

She is also the most cuddly little kid in the whole world – I wrap her warm little body into mine and feel genuine peace. And then she says ‘I always wanted a momma like you…’ and all of the5 year old drama is forgotten.

She is a wonderfully talented artist. Seriously. She stays IN THE LINES! She can write her name, all of our names, the names of her friends, and random words like ‘princess, love, and cute-pie’.

She writes!

She constantly asks how to spell words, does her best to READ new ones, and is serious when it comes to homework

{pre-school homework which is so stinkin’ cute and frustrating at the same time because they are twins and have the same homework and one struggles so much and then throws a major fit and the other one wants me to ‘watch her get it right!’ so homework has become a divide and conquer affair and they are only FIVE how many more years of this??}

Sarah does not like to stay in bed at night. She will come back downstairs at least 10 times. And who can argue when it’s because ‘she just wants a little more love?’ She plays me people, she really does!

For Sarah I wish that 2012 helps her bring those terrifically volatile emotions a little more under her OWN control. Oh, yes, I know that fits of frenzied ‘what the???’ will only continue and grow right up through her teenage years – but I wish that SHE can understand them. I also wish that the quest for knowledge continues to flourish and that she sits on my lap at the sewing machine. (ok fine, the last wish is more for me than for her…)

2012 also brought a new little person into my life! Baby Jack.

My sister’s little boy who is so delicious and almost a year old! I must finish his baby gift before he turns one because I am a seriously bad quilting aunt and did I mention that SeamedUP swallowed 2011???

Now that I have started writing this post – it is kind of hard to stop – but I will.


ONTO 2012 NEWS…..

I have a little plan for 2012 that includes making this total disaster area of studio

into something a little more like this…

Source: via Allison on Pinterest

Won’t you join me?

The 2012 Studi-O-rganization CHALLENGE is on like donkey-kong to the break of dawn my friends!

Grab a button and hop on the studi-o-rganzation band wagon.

<a href=><img src=”” width=”200″ height=”175″ alt=”studi-o-rganization” /></a>

(thanks to my newest partner Jenny for fixing the ‘grad a button’ code for me!!)

Details to follow – but aren’t you totally digging the New Year tradition of organizing? I know I am!

There will be specific homework tasks, (like inventory, another new year tradition, let’s not forget that I am an accountant after all!), and fun projects (windows need curtains, right), and of course, a ton of ideas for keeping all of your delightful delights where YOU need them!

{and my wish for me??? let’s wait and see!}