You may have noticed that my life completely resolves around SeamedUP. Ask any small business’er and that is what happens. Natural turn of events.

Which is why Brye and I decided that SeamedUP needed a podcast of its own! The first episode is really about the site – why we started it, what it is, etc.

The second episode has a co-host which will be a continuing theme. The beginning of the show is about quilting! Because we love it so much! We have co-hosts that are quilters and we get to ask them lots of questions. Then there is a little site update because (see first sentence of this post!).

The co-host on episode 2 is Jaye Lapachet from

You can find the podcast by searching for ‘seamedup’ on itunes or listen online.

As always – we welcome feedback and if YOU would like to co-host just let me know:)