holy cow is there a lot going on in this girl’s world!

As you are likely aware – SeamedUP seems to be all i eat and breathe these days.  i am so sad that the site isn’t up yet.  i am working so hard to get it up.  it is such a great idea and we have so many more ideas to go with it and if we could just jump this 1 hurdle we would be up and running.  i won’t bore you with the details but if you know of anyone who knows how to use druple content management systems and also understands server set up then don’t hesitate to let us know!

But enough about that!

The new house is great.  A couple tweaks and twoks and everything will be great.

i cannot seem to get myself to really ‘play house’ before my new studio is finished.  i will be posting some after the before but still before pics soon.  i found the camera! it’s like if i don’t have a place to frame a picture then i can’t hang a picture. or something like that.  just feel out of sorts until all of my precious bits and pieces have their new home that they deserve.  in case you are wondering; yes i am talking about fabric and not my kids.  my kids are great. very pleased with the new house and all that goes with it.

Why the small ‘i’s you may ask.  new keyboard the shift button on the left is in a weird place and i keep getting \ instead of a shift so live with it.

i am trying to scrap old paint off of concrete block walls – how do always end up with concrete blocks walls?  it’s a good thing i had my little starter house in athens because at least i am slightly more knowledgeable about how to make it purdy.

i miss you guys.  did you hear me on pat’s show? what a hot mess. all i could say was ‘seamedup is going to really dynamic’ like that means something!! i would love a re-do but at least i am not totally embarrassed by the whole thing.

leave me some comments.  i am feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment and could use a little love from my friends.  i never ask, so i must really need it!

ok.  pity party over.

back to work.