I had this idea one day.  That most (if not all) of the quilty goodness podcasts could come together and create one unique place for all of the podcasters and all of the listeners to create a community.  Community is the buzz word these days, ya know.

So I emailed all of my podcasty friends and asked what they thought about the idea and everybody loved it! Cool!

We chose big tent as the venue because we already knew it worked quite well for the BEEN There DONE That project.

This new group has a main forum and then each podcaster has their own little plot of land to sprinkle with fabric and quilt tales.

It is invitation only – but all are welcome!

Please leave a comment on this post (make sure it includes your email address) and I will send out the invitation to you. Or feel free to email me at mail (@) withinaquarterinch (dot) com

So far – it is really working out well – so pleased!