On my way (believe when it happens) to Wilmington, NC to scout for houses/neighborhoods/quilt shops but so far I was delayed 2 hours in Columbus (after driving over an hour to get there) and then ‘holding patterned’ (and not the good kind of pattern) for an hour and now I am sitting in Atlanta waiting for my next flight.  It was scheduled at around 6pm and now (subject to CHANGE people! because it has forty two and a half million times) it is supposed to leave at around 10:30 pm.

At least I am ALONE – no kiddos crying because we are way bored and way waylayed and no husband suggesting that we go over there or here and check there.  I am just going to sit until they announce my next change.

PS – if you are a flight attendant – please come quickly because there have a shortage (according to the announcements that is what they are looking for…) and you would probably be given a frickin’ parade in your honor.