Ok ok ok. I know, it’s shocking – there are actual show notes!

I figured this episode really needed them.

Quantitative needs:

Recording software – Audacity

Software required to convert Audicity file into an MP3 – LAME


A place to host your podcast – Blip

And a blog to accompany it….


An idea – something you REALLY like and can picture yourself talking about for a while and won’t mind looking stuff up every once in a while.

A format – it can be as strict or as lax as you like/have time for.

An audience – this is the tricky part.

Start with other podcasters – for instance, if you will be podcasting about quilting – contact me, brye, jean, michelle, jennifer, kelley, ruthanne, darla etc. and we (well, I am speaking for everyone here but I bet it’s true) will be more than happy to give you a shoutout on our show.

Become part of the community – leave comments on other people’s blogs, go on facebook, twitter, and all that jazz and comment, status update, and tweet about your new podcast.  Don’t be shy – just say HI!