Hi Allison!

I feel like a roving reporter for “Within a Quarter Inch” – the “Kandahar Quilter.”

Unfortunately, I’m not able to download your most recent podcasts – I’m not sure why – but I’m still enjoying the old ones that I haven’t heard yet.

I just wanted to let all your listeners know how appreciated all the quilts for military are. Quilts of Valor is the biggest group that I am aware of, but I know there are many smaller groups too.

I work with injured military members, and I’ve seen injured soldiers carried off the air evac airplanes clutching their quilts. These kids have been through so much – danger, discomfort, fear, grief, pain, and loss. There’s something about a quilt that is the perfect gift of healing – it’s soft, warm, made with love – memories of home and mom – just exactly what these kids need.

Thinking of the groups of women sitting together making quilts for soldiers reminds me of stories of women during World War II – knitting socks for soldiers. Even though I’m in the military I hate war, and am so proud of my crafting sisters for bringing some real and practical healing.

A suggestion for a pattern – I know you like house patterns, and I think that would be a perfect pattern for a soldier’s quilt. We are surrounded by patriotic symbols all the time, don’t need to see more stars, but a quilt that had warm, soft pictures of home – that would be really special.

Thanks for the offer of quilty goodness, but I have all I need and can store! Fat Quarter Shop delivers to Afghanistan! 🙂


(all italics and underlining providing by yours truly)