So – I worked right up until the very last second and only arrived at the show location ONE HOUR ahead of opening! Stressed! Until – A few other vendors showed up that were late as well – whew; and it turns out, this ain’t no quilt market booth set-up extraordinaire!

Another stress reliever was that my friend offered to bring tables to the venue for me earlier than my arrival and they were already set up when I arrived.  Thank you Danielle.  Truly – a giver.

And then I started to do ‘my thing’.  I (personaly although I am biased) think my booth was one of the nicest in terms of little displays and merchandising. I had a lot more traffic (people actually coming inside) than any of the vendors around me and once I got to kibbitzing with them (chatting them up) I found that a lot of really cool people, young and old alike, were ‘getting’ my stuff – which is always rewarding.

So – did I have a good show?

Here are my criteria:

1 – have fun – check

2- meet the other vendors and maybe make a crafty friend or two – check

3- experience what it is like to (well not really but sort of) work retail – why? Because if I want to open a retail shop, I should like it! – check!

4 – have fun merchandising the items – I think I was driving the other vendors a little crazy as they just sat there in their little chairs BEHIND their tables and looked a little glum while I was a busy little bee moving this to there and that to here.  Loved it. – check!

5- talk about my love of quilting/crafting to (no offense listeners) ‘real’ people; you know what I mean? – check.

6- Network – I think I handed out about 70 business cards to people.  Of those, I would say that about 60% expressed real interested in what I had to offer, 10% I expect to hear from and the other 30% – goodwill – check.

and finally, and really, this was last on the list of what I thought would make a good show for myself

6- sell a couple of things, at least cover my booth costs and maybe a little extra – check. We didn’t rock the bank or anything like that and I can go into details on the next episode of the podcast as to my theories why…. but heck – 5 out of 6 ain’t bad!

I didn’t even look at fabric today.  All I wanted to see were two little faces who like to play ‘two babies’ with me and they jump into my arms and laugh and play and giggle and play and dance and, of course, hug and kiss like the dickens! Then we went grocery shopping – need I say more?

So – I’m pooped.

here are a few photos of the booth and the wares – more to come with the next podcast!

So – here are a few photos to tide you over.