That I am all crafted out?

I do believe that I am officially nuts.  Last night I was physically ill because I am so wound up over this holiday bazaar (how bizarre).

This is the last time I give myself about 3 weeks to fill up an 8 by 10 booth.

Can’t believe I’m down to Wednesday and Thursday to finish everything I’ve got in my head.  My head hurts.  Too many things are screaming ‘I can be cute – look at me, I’m an index card but picture me with little check boxes that say ‘merry christmas’ ‘happy channukah’ ‘happy kwanza’ ‘enjoy the laktes…’

Stop. Breathe.  Don’t start anything new Allie.  Just ‘try’ to finish off what you have already bitten (ie: sew what you’ve cut – dress the little dolls (oy are they cute) – bind, bind, bind….)

Look forward to life AFTER the bizarre holiday bazaar!

And next time? Start earlier.