The new home is live!  I decided to use ‘big tent’ which is a much (MUCH) better place than that last one! I’m not exactly positive; but I believe you need to sign up to be a member of Big Tent in general and then you can be a part of our group there.  The Manic Mommies are also under the Big Tent and since they are my idols I am pretty sure we will be happy there.

I am still learning about the capabilities of the BTDT BT group so please bare with me – and maybe even help.

I have sent out a limited number of invitations to begin with – so that any kinks can be worked out in small batches.

If you are one of those people – please – I invite you to start posting away – creating your own forum topics in the main page and even create your OWN subgroup where you can post your own news and photos and everyone can share.

It’s exciting, I know.

See you at the party!