I’m thinking that with everything going on surrounding the blog and the podcast these days – I needs me a schedule.

I will be alternating out weekly (can you even believe it???) between a regular podcast, an interview podcast, and posting a new tutorial. However – I still cannot promise actual show notes – they will likely show up intermittently as individual posts when I remember! Hey, we can’t expect the world here, people. I go with my strengths!

Also – I believe I have found a solution to the fabulous pitiful excuse for a forum that we have going on… However, keep signing up for it because everyone (except perhaps the one’s whose email ends with zmail.ru) signed up will automatically be invited to the new home.  Which, I am happy to say I have found and I really do believe it’s what we’ve been looking for! Just doing a bit of housekeeping and then we can rock it out get out our projects and share. It’s going to be GR-e-AT! Just like Tony the Tiger says!!

Tony The Tiger

So in honor of this miraculous occassion (ok, maybe it’s not miracle, but it’s pretty darn close) I will be having another giveaway!

Comment on this post for a chance to win  this magazine!