I am so energized about the podcast! I’ve had a chance to record BOTH listener interviews that I spoke of in the last podcast.

I have been taking the time to actually READ some of the great quilting/japanese/craft books that I have – essentially, I go to bed earlier and fall asleep with a smile on my face from all the crafy goodness.  I am getting read for the book review BONANZA!

AND I have finally edited all of the photos (you know, crop, color fix, correct order) for the next Tutorial and boy oh boy am I loving the results!

Problem? My laptop sucks.  Something happened and if the volume is on ‘at all’ then it automatically amplifies all of my keystrokes and handmotions?!  What the?? So, I am busy convincing Jarrod that I need a new one… And he just commented about ‘when you get a new one…’ so it may be working:)

PS – I love when the in-laws are in town!