Hello!  I have been very busy with the third insallment of the BEEN there DONE that project.

This a going to be a full sized quilt everyone – just warning you.

It is a paper pieced quilt – so I will show you how I do that.

I am also going to be showing you how I ‘quilt as I go’ with I’m sure is way different than most other methods out there and makes it a truly reversible design!

Now – because I basically made it up as I went (and still go) – the quilting – not the pattern, which I’ll get to – I made a few mistakes along the way.

QUESTION for you – should the tutorial INCLUDE the mistakes or not?  I don’t mind sharing my errors and thought process gone awry with you but I also don’t want to confuse anyone… you know what I mean?

So – to get your ducks going –

This is the quilt that started it all and as far as piecing goes – it follows the pattern. (except for the cornerstones!).

It is from the May/June 2009 issue of Love of Quilting from Fons and Porter.

Start cutting my friends – because it requires a lot of it!

If you’d like to get a jump on this project then you will need:

100 2.5″ squares (mine are all different fabrics)

let’s say 90 (because you will want choice) 1.5″ squares (again, I used all different fabrics)

and 1200

yes, I said 1200

1.5″ (the magazine says 1″ but just trust me) strips ranging in size from 3 to 6 inches long.  Yes, I have definitely repeated some fabrics here!!!

By the way – to cut those strips I used the cutter mentioned in this post – it rocks people, get your 40% off Jo-ann’s coupon and get yourself one!

Donna Dewberry Strip Cutter