In the studio I have 2 closets.  They are both basically there in order to hide ugly stuff behind it.  Not in the way that we tend to hide stuff in our closets – but in the way that when you build a studio, the huge toilet pipes and the breaker boxes don’t really need to be seen…

However, when I open the doors – I do see them and I don’t like them.  ugo.

So I came up with a pretty solution. All you need is a couple (1 per closet) tension rods (think bathroom curtain rod) and pretty fabric, some decorative hat pins and a few clips and voila!

See the toilet pipe peeking out of the bottom? It's also a nice way to use up extra quilt blocks!

Stop looking at the ugly parts - I haven't organized it yet - but this is actually my applique closet. It is where I store all of my tools and some even some inspiration on my new 'wall'.

Breaker boxes break my heart with their ugliness!

But a little Ikea fabric does the trick! This is the emboidery closet.. you know, floss, patterns, frames, UFO's!!