And I promise to have another out soon – I just haven’t found the right moment to turn on the microphone.

I know, I know.  Nike you can shut up with your ‘just do it’.

I am doing it all, all the time, and sometimes I just want to cry because, really, I can’t.  It’s like I think I can keep 4 thousand things straight in my head at the same time but in actuality – my limit is 2,394 different thoughts/things/errands/diaper changes/ lunch making/ what’s for dinnering/ coupon clipping/ organizing/ laundry/ stain removing/ therapy taking/ boo boo kissing/ liscense plate renewing/ bottle pouring /potty training/ bubble blowing/ counting to 3/ wallpapering laundry rooms (!!?? yes, I’m nuts)/ toilet fixing/ clutter cleaning/ blog reading/ collage sheet creating/ quilt fabric collecting (do I have this at home already? not sure, better buy some, oh yeah, there it is, good think I liked it)/ babysitter SEARCHING/ husband listening/ bug bites/ stupid fruit flies/  in my head at the same time.

Whew – that just came pouring out – this wasn’t intended at a kvetch post (kvetch is yiddish for complain) but I guess I needed that.

Thanks, friends.

See you again soon.

In the meantime, I have FINALLY (now that thought can move out and we are down to 2,393) added a list of links to other quilty goodness shows that I listen to. Did I forget yours? Please, let me know, and don’t be offended, just read paragragh 3, above. So you can keep on listening to other woman who create these podcasts because they love it.  Not because anyone is paying them (except through comments, so keep those coming because we all love them) but because we need to share our love of the fabric and thread.  So listen on and please, record a show of your own.  We’d all just love to hear a little more.