I wrote about the Woolen Willow in this post. and spoke about it in Episode 42 but I am finally getting around to posting the pictures!

I absolutely LOVED all of the bright red fabric I found that day

see the ladybugs!


1 2 3 4 all used in my current project! Not bad!

And I guess I’ll never learn… I purchased not 1 but TWO new kits that day. The one on the left is a basket quilt with cottons and wool, um, yeah, mine. The one on the left I don’t remember exactly but I’m sure it’s fantastic and that’s why I had to have it.

close up – the bottom fabric is brown with white dots but it must have a lot of purple in it because that’s how it’s showing up here.

They package their kits with enough ‘fabric ribbon’ to use in a quilt!


TPTPU? Too Pretty To Pass Up!

Doubt I will be buring any candles here – but how could I leave behind houses? and in wool, no less.

Book purchases. Quilt Sampler was a gift from the Woolen Willow (it’s the issue they are featured in) and then a few books to go with the kits I purchased and then the paper pieced (sort of) diamonds books that I picked up from Quilters Quarters in Marietta.