Hey! I am finally getting around to posting the photos from the Red Rooster Quilt Shop in Dublin, Ohio. I spoke of this shop in Episode 42 The Quilt Shop Tri-Fecta.

In case the text in the photo isn’t clear… Sarah chose the fat’s and made a pretend picnic in the shop. Then the ants came. AKA my cute little Maxie.

Oh yeah baby, a little lovin’ from American Jane and all those Hexigons…

I’ve yet to ‘use’ a roll in the ‘jelly roll’ sense – does that make sense? But I intend to!

A couple of extra patterns never hurt anyone!

Top Right – brushed cotton – so soft! Top left – I still plan on making the love letters and dear jane quilts, so I should just keep buying civil war fabric so I’ll be prepared! Botton Right – TPTPU = Too Pretty To Pass Up! Bottom Left – always room in the eclectic stash for some birdies and flowers.



And a little more civil war for good measure. Betcha never heard anyone say that before!