Today my little Maxie had an assessment for occupational therapy in Marietta, Ohio which is a good hour from here. So – of course, I pulled out my new friend, the Quilter’s Travel Companion and planned on visiting a shop (or two…).

The first shop was literally a mile away from where we were and it was really great. Spacious. Gracious. And great notions.  However, difficult to really absorb due to the presence of SaMax and thankfully a really kind man offered to read them a couple of their books while I browsed so it wasn’t a complete failure! I did pick up a couple of books that I will review in an upcoming episode. They are about hand piecing diamonds – because of course I need to learn that, too. After trying to tame the twins at this shop – I thought my sanity required a drive straight home – but then…

The second shop was a complete surprise! It is called the Woolen Willow and even though it’s in the book – I don’t really know my way around so well yet so a store in West Virginia didn’t seem to be on my route, you know? Well, thank goodness (??) for their HIGHWAY sign (how great is that??) because I just veered right off the highway and had to check it out.  I mean really – would I pass up a sign that said ‘WOOLEN willow QUILT shop’, I think not. The reason I said ‘goodness (??)’ is because – well you know me by now – found way too many items I could not possible live without! Oh and SaMax were right outside the window enjoying a snack of pretzels, raisins, mini crackers, and juice in their car seats.  Yes, they were happy to see me when I returned.

AND the owners are great and said I could interview them soon – so hopefully that will work out!

Pictures to follow.

Podcast to come.  SO much to report!