Oh my – I am SUCH a bad hostess, making you wait this long just to see a gal fold some fabric…

Gee Whiz – just when you think you have it straight. I linked to this post recently and it was pointed out to me that photos have up and gone! Imagine!

I am re-doing the old post because that is just not right.

Folding Fabric with Rulers:

I chose to fold my fabrics with varying rulers widths so that the size of the pile would indicate the size of each fabric.

Here we go. This is an example with a Fat Quarter.

Lay out your fabric with the selvedge along one side (the left, in this case) and fold in half, selvedge to selvedge.

Place your ruler across your blurry (sorry about these pictures!) fabric as shown below.

Start rolling up your fabric. I like to do a little bit to start so I can grasp it and roll it at the same time in order to keep it taut.

OK – all rolled up – nice and tight. It’s worth mentioning that I have the edge of fabric on the bottom of the roll AND that the edge is towards the back of it.

This way – when it is on the shelf – I have a ‘finished side’ to thumb through. You can also remove them a lot easier if they don’t unfold as you take them out.

Remove the ruler.

By sliding it out the side.

Here you can see which rulers were used for the different sizes in my stash.

4 inch = 1/8 yard or less

6 inch = fat quarter

8 inch = 1/2 yard

9.5 inch = yard or more

This way – I know how much I have just by the size of the folded stack.

And here they are – sitting in the shelf! Pretty edges. I can see everything – and removal is pretty easy!

Do you use a ruler to fold your fabric? How do you like it?