The first shop I visited, about a week before the 'official' (ha) shop hop is located in Nelsonville, Ohio. Nelsonville is a super sweet little town, with an event called 'Final Friday's'. Local craftsman can purchase a spot for only $10.00 on the townsquare to sell their handmade wares. We haven't made it to one of these yet because it is from 6-10pm and we have those twins down to a science at bedtime, which is goodtime for us! Can you believe they are in bed for the night before 7pm???

updated to add: they now have a website!

Here are some shots of the store as well the fabulous tin ceiling!

Here is a picture of Rita's work (Rita Steffenson winner of the Heartland award)

A funny thing happened on the way to the quilt shop….

Why did the turtle cross the road???

What a beautiful spot for a shop, an interview, and a revolver, a Brooklyn revolver, that is…

Don't forget to check out the next part of this 2 part podcast… (hopefully coming soon??!!)