I started this quilt before the twins were born and actually managed to finish it when they were about 4 or 5 months old.

I love this quilt, and apparently, so does Max! He always crawls over to it and 'pets' the Zebra!

I used a few different methods of applique on this one. Some is freezer paper that was sewn down with the shapes and then removed from the back afterwards. Some was done with freezer paper templates that were removed prior to sewing. And yet some more was done with fusible web. It all depended on what the design called for…

Here is the whole quilt:

Some close ups of the applique:

This one was tough to get 'back together again' after all the pieces were prepared.

Can you say tiny circles??

Hand stitched the face – but loved the ease of straight line sewing on the one!

Oh, and all the letters have an appliqued upper case and an embroidered lower case.

The Doll had lots of little pieces…

Max's Favorite!

I quilted this 'block by block' which is why the quilting doesn't always line up, but I still love it! The back of the quilt is made up of big blocks. I chose the colors depending on the color of the letter on the front, except the Zebra, that one is black.

Sorry I don't have better pics of the back, but it was already hung!