Sorry for the blurry photos, but sometimes I just grab my cel phone instead of the camera, and well, this is what I get…

Oh and can I say it’s HOT and HUMID in here??  And that’s because it’s really ‘out there’ where there is no A/C.  At least there are windows, and of course, the garage door I can open!

So this is the temp cutting, pressing and sewing stations.

sewing and cutting
 cutting and pressing - oooohhh - is that a brooklyn revolver I see??

Sewing, and if the mood strikes, biking!

And because of the less than ideal conditions, I don’t want much fabric to be in here.  So I decided it’s a perfect time to start on one of the MANY kits I have. I have always loved this one, and I’m glad I have a chance to work on it.

The Sonnet Quilt kit - before!