As I mentioned in show #23 – we only had opportunity to stop at ONE quilt shop – sad but true. Here is the link:  Glenwood Sewing Center

Pictured are some of the beautiful fabrics that I found there.

Oh am I ever in love with Cake Rock Beach by Joelle Hoverson for purl patchwork! 

Colorado Fabric_5

And OK, I know I sound like a bit of an a** for saying this but didn’t
I say in the like the first or second episode of the podcast that the
next big things would be houses and natural items like coral??? Well,
here you go…

Colorado Fabric_1

The quilt in the background is one of the first I ever made. Simple squares. I love it.  And I’m over it just enough that the kids are allowed to use it!

Colorado Fabric_4
Colorado Fabric_3